Kite School

Don’t call it a dream. Call it a plan. What’s better a better way of having fun than learning how to surf while staying with us Mvuvi Lodge? We are waiting for you!

Learn Kite Surfing in Watamu

Do you like the sea? Do you like to challenge the wind and ride the waves? Or do you prefer to explore the fascinating seabed diving between colorful fishes and corals? It does not matter whether you are a beginner or already a real expert, you will find trained instructors and all the equipment you need to practice water sports. So the only thing you need to bring with you is your passion and the desire to have fun!


Our coasts are characterized by the best wind conditions, both for beginners and for the most experienced kite surfers. You will have the chance to change spot every day, thus varying the experiences and the landscapes.

Experienced instructors teach different courses because our goal is to teach you the basic rules to use the kite safely and to be completely independent. Moreover, of course the equipment can be rented at Mvuvi.

kitesurfing school watamu

First Level

This level is ideal for those who are not familiar with this sport, but are willing to give it a try. During the 3 hours of lessons, you will learn how to master the kite safely.

COURSE FEE: € 110.00 (including equipment rental)


Second Level

Perfect for those who want to deepen their knowledge of this sport and enhance their skills. During the 3 hours of lessons, you learn “Body Drag” and to master the kite in the water safely.

COURSE FEE: € 110.00 (including equipment rental)


Third Level

Suitable for refining your techniques to become more proficient in this sport. During the 3 hours of lessons, you can learn the water starts and to controlled edging.

COURSE FEE: € 110.00 (including equipment rental)

Equipment Rental

If you are on holiday without your equipment do not worry, you can rent it at Mvuvi. We ensure you that the equipment you rent from us is of excellent quality. Everything to guarantee you a pure adrenaline rush and great fun.


Justin was a great host and excellent kite-surf partner for my husband …